Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where is the safest plane seat?

Have it ever cross over your mind how to survive during plane crash?
According to the expert's statistic since 1970, there are twelve cases that at lease one passenger survive in plane crashed, if the recent 13th June Yemen plane crashed been counted, the number is thirteen cases. Among the survivors, 5 are teenager and 4 are crews. Crews might have some favorable factors like i) control room is much more solid, ii) and their positions are close to windows.
Statistic would tell i) passengers near to the back of the plane are 40% safer than the passengers in front, ii)the surviving rate of passengers behind plane wings is 69%, iii) the surviving rate of passengers in front of plane wings is 56%, iV) and first and business class are 49%....expensive doesn't equal to safety.

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