Friday, July 17, 2009

Grand Bloom of Fulfillment 大圆满花开

New landmark in Kuala Lumpur! As a Malaysian, I'm proud that the world first outdoor public sculpture fountain, located at main entrance of Pavillion Kuala Lumpur has been officially launch recently. This is the latest glass sculpture made by LiuliGongFang (琉璃工坊) artist Loretta Hui-shan Yang .

It is said to be the latest breakthrough in the crystal art sculpture scene. This first ever Liuli crystal fountain, costs RM8mil to make. Needless to say, Grand Bloom of Fulfillment has made it into the Malaysia Book of Records as Malaysian tallest crystal fountain.

Hibiscus, our national flower has been embellished as the motif in the design concept. Composed of three hemispherical bowls symbolising the connectivity between sky, earth and human being; as well as the strength of all of each living creature.

The round shape bowl also means togetherness, perfectness and kindness; as we are in Malaysia’s multiracial society. Converging water from all angle, the endless and everlasting blessing and prosperity for the nation.

Do check out LiuLiGongFang website for more details.

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