Sunday, July 12, 2009

Resale Rights products

Hot news!

Have you heard of Master Resale Rights products?

This is exciting! Let me explain.

You've probably been told a thousand times that you MUST have your own products to really make a lot of money. That is true. However, when you purchase products with the Master Resale Rights, you get the "right" to sell those products and keep 100% of the price. Cool!

Now you do not have to spend hours and hours and hours creating your own product - and maybe spending a lot of your hard earned money. (You will want to create your own products eventually, but let's get you making money first.)

What you do is, you buy the MRR products - and they're usually not very expensive - upload them to your website, "get the word out", and begin raking in the cash!

Obviously, it's not quite as simple as that sounded, but it is way simpler than starting from scratch. All you have to do is get creative with the way you take advantage of these "ready-made" products.

As an example, if you already have a customer list, you can just find a product that you know they'd be interested in, and send them the link to it. Since they trust you, a lot of them will make a purchase

Or you can build a list of prospects by giving away resale rights products in return for their name and email address.

What about this? Do you have existing products you sell online? You could offer resell rights products you have bought as bonuses to your product, and boost your sales conversions by adding more value to your offer.

If you'd like to get started with any of these ideas, or with an idea of your own, here's a brand new package of products ready to go that I highly recommend:

You better decide quickly though, because Tom is taking the offer down just as soon as 500 are sold. So grab yours today and go out and have a successful week!

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